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Verbal Currency

This music game keeps changing and I was curious how (and where) everyone gets their music.  Let me rephrase, where you BUY your music?  Is it iTunes, soundcloud, ReverbNation, bandcamp???

When I get checks from online distributors, I see my music was mostly bought on Rhapsody and iTunes.  Others come from Spotify, emusic, CD Baby and bandcamp.  But every bit of information helps.  After all, we (Artists) are trying to put music where you (the fans) are.

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Peace, Life & Muzik

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Acoustic Thoughts

This blog is for those who collaborated with me on this project.  I know it’s been quite a minute since it started.  I’ve kept in touch at times and fell off for a while (time wise, not musically.  Trust me, the bars are still there).  Anyway, we all got our own limits while navigating through this game.  Whether they be budget, time, resources, doing shows, whatever…you know the deal.

I’m back on track and in the studio weekly, working on new material and getting all the stuff that’s been on deck, available for fans to check out.  The Acoustic Thoughts CD is available on bandcamp.  You’ll notice it fell nothing short of high quality post production!  People are feelin’ the vibe.

Per the Artist Agreements we drafted, if the beat’s yours, it’s still yours.  I’ll only file copyrights and publishing for my vocals (only).  If the beat is mine and we have an agreement where you can still sell the final mastered version, go for it.  All I ask is that you file your vocals solo – without the beat or my lyrics.  This way we keep it 100 on both sides.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

If you have any plans to release the track as a single, let me know and I’ll help push it.  If you want to cut a video, let me know.  I’m down.  Like I said earlier, I’ve been in touch with good people and got some contacts if you want to put a visual to the audio.

Just wanted to say thanx again to all of you for contributing to my musical progress.  This is an ever changing art.  I also say thank you for your patience.  Whether you were waiting for the final product or figured the project died.

Last, I want to congratulate all of you for your accomplishments.  I see what’s going on with you and yours.  I’ve always supported local talent.  I don’t carry jealousy or hate, I admire the hustle and ambition that keeps you dropping new material.  Keep it movin’!

Keep in touch.  Peace, Life & Muzik

Scarred IV Life

PS.  Album artwork is being finalized, this CD cover will change!


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Life, Putting Life On Hold

I’m sure I’m in the same situation as so many Indie Artists.  You got your passion and hobbies, then you have what you need to get done.  I saw an interview with Denzel Washington one time and he quoted what his Mom used to tell him, “Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.”  Well said.

My passion with music is on so many different levels.  And like you (most probably), I wish I did it daily and got paid for it – at least enough to make a living at it.  Then there’s the mortgage payment and Son’s school tuition……luckily the cars are paid off.  I’ve done a few tracks where I open up and share my life, the part that’s not always public or that makes for a ‘hit single’.  But I share it with you so it’s more personal and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to it.

I did a song (probably about 1-1/2 years ago) and broke it down why my music had been delayed for so long.  Or why so much time passed between CD’s / singles.  Keeping on schedule with delays, it took me a while to find the right singer to work with for this song too [that was a funny in case you didn’t catch it.  It’s ok…..]  I finally got the recording, singing and mixing done – I wanted to share with you.
3rd Wish (feat. Jayla)

Other Artists who heard this track, understood the message of the song.  Sometimes music’s put on hold cuzz of obligations we have in life and most of the time it has to do with family, work responsibilities or maybe school.  So music gets done when time permits.  That’s weekends, maybe day’s off or late at night (like right now.  Pretty much my routine every night!).  AND if you’re collaborating with someone else, need to record vocals in your home studio or working in the studio with an Engineer; then you add their time in the mix which means coordinating in a timely manner.

If I’m preaching to the choir, my apologies.  If this is news to you, welcome to our world and I hope I’ve brought some insight and ‘behind-the-scenes’ to this craft and industry that’s seldom seen or shared.  And if that is the case, I hope you give more appreciation to the work your favorite Artist(s) put out.

Enjoy the song.  The complete CD (Acoustic Thoughts), can be heard on bandcamp.

Thank you IV your time    Scarred IV Life

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Let’s Get Personal

I notice many philosophical phrases and spiritual interpretations posted on social sites.  (And most of the time, it’s evident that they’re copy/pasted from some quote that someone found that day.  But I’m not judging….)  I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to post what I think (of life) many times but feel I’m not a professional on the subject.  Still, a person of human nature – none the less.  We all feel compelled to post our meaning of life or what have you.  Sometimes it’s to express the type of day we’re having…..good day, things are going bad, etc.

I’ll say this about me, I’m very personal.  Example:  A lot of my DJ and music friends know little about how I think and some of my personal / business friends don’t even know I do music.  Weird, I know….but I’m not the type to post every bit of information online.  You don’t see pics of my wife, my son, where I live, went to school, where I vacation or what I had for lunch.  That’s just not me.  Social sites for me, are for music, that’s it.  But if you want to know what I really think, I’m interested in your interest!

There are things I’ve experienced, associations / organizations I’m involved with and education classes which give me a lot of insight and illumination on life.  Not the type scholars would boast about, not a degree that’s attained after a study course but simply, life.  Your spiritual sense.

If you want to hear my two cents or get into a healthy discussion on what’s really going on in our world….let me know.  I’m always up for conversations which enlighten mankind.  You may not get what I believe or think and maybe I’ll spark thought in you that you hadn’t considered before but, in any case; we learn together.  We’re all part of one collective soul and bridging that, makes us ONE.

If I’m already going over your head, you’ve either lost interest already or want to know more.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Let me know your thoughts…


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The Chance You May Pass Up (again)

If you’re a songwriter or Emcee, think of the power you possess. For reals.  If you have a captive audience or fans that keep in touch with you and lend an ear (from time to time), you have a chance to say something.  Take time to critique what you’re talking about.  Of course we do music to entertain but, what about inspire, provoke or teach?

An artist or entertainer can be only that for so long (in my opinion).  You’re still human.  There are still things in this world that affect you, motivate you or make you take a stand on an issue.  At some point, you get to a stage where you don’t want to produce music of no substance that falls on deaf ears.  At some point, you’re going to get the pen and write about something that probably a lot of other people are thinking about too.  Something you give a damn about.

This can show you’re human and connect you more with the public or turn off (and maybe lose) some of the following you have.  It’s a thin line, have you ever thought about it?  Would you go down that road?  For me, the answer is given.  I think, I examine, I share and continuously learn.  And on top of that, never shy from engaging in topics that I know little about or teaching someone what I know.  So yeah, I’ll speak my mind and try to move a group of people.

I guess the point is, realize how powerful you can be.  The 60’s and 70’s are memorable, not just for the great music that was created but also from the reporting that was done by bands and musicians.  The songs are classic and catchy but they also had a message if you listen to the words.  The 80’s was exploring new sounds and making radio jingles so a lot was lost and so on and so on…..

Next time you start writing a song, imagine how far those words can reach when you cut the track and produce your record.  Don’t be scared to share what’s on your mind.  Yeah, we all know you’re hard, have a story and dislike certain things in pop culture but you’re also educated.  In some form or another.  And you have the power to share your experiences.

I call on all Emcees, freestylers, poets, and songwriters to show how creative you are by not just coming up with a catchy jingle but make a jingle that catches peoples attention and then makes them realize what they were singing.  Relevant subjects.

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Lil Wayne / Drake or Rakim / Wu Tang

This one’s long.  Sorry about that but, it is a good topic.

Here’s something a lot of underground Cats have been saying about the current state of Hip Hop – IT’S WACK!  Ok, now I have a few questions:

– Based on what?  Radio, sales, public opinion?
– Based on which Artists (or groups)?
– Based on what content?

You get the picture.  I think those who are voicing this opinion are the ones opposite of the Emcees getting major exposure.  And that’s what the public constantly sees so they interpret that as Hip Hop.  Well….we all know the public can’t think unless they’re told what to think about so I don’t invest too much in that.  (I’m one of those who feels a lot has been dumbed down)  Next, who’s to say what real Hip Hop is?  Those who know – know!

For example, take Country, Ska music, Alternative, Rock….you don’t think there’s some watered down acts in those genres as well?  You don’t think the true bands who built from the ground up, aren’t on a higher level?  Of course they are.  I’m sure when Billy Ray Cyrus was getting mad exposure, it made a lot of Country artists shake their heads.  I’m sure fans of Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd or the Eagles wouldn’t think many other bands are comparable to these legendary Artists and I would agree.

I know what Hip Hop is, what it sounds like, how it makes me feel when I’m at a venue, what the elements of Hip Hop are and what they mean.  There are some young Cats who understand the history of Hip Hop and what the ‘Art or Rap’ means.  They know that everything that happened before them, gave them the outlet they have now to take poetry to new heights, to put pen to paper unlike other lyricists, to talk with their hands on the turntables, to give fashion to a culture, to illustrate murals around the world like modern day Egyptian hieroglyphics which reflect our society.

Fans from the Golden Era of Hip Hop knew that’s when it was taking it’s true form.  It wasn’t when Afrika Bambaataa or The Sugar Hill Gang dropped their first song.  It wasn’t even called Hip Hop then.  There’s so much to this story.  We all appreciate new Acts who understand that and pay homage.  So my opinion is, the one’s who are jumpin’ around on videos, not sayin’ much from song to song, and giving it a wack exposure; are making their own beds that they’ll have to sleep on.  You can play joints from Guru, Damian Marley, KRS ONE, Nas, Ice Cube, E-40, De La Soul, Cypress Hill or Tribe Called Quest from 2 years ago, 5 years ago, or 10 years ago and it’s still quality!  The joints that are hot right now will be forgotten by Fall of this year. No??  Can you name which song was blazin’ hot exactly a year ago?  I can’t.  They die faster than they came up.  My point?  Real Hip Hop isn’t here for the top charts until the next joint is dropped.  Hip Hop educates, reports, kicks philosophy, stirs conversation, entertains and remains relevant throughout YEARS!!  I think the real question is, why can’t Emcees with dope skill, original thought, craft and wit; get exposure and paid like the ones who aren’t sayin’ shit?  But we all know the answer to that question….let’s not play naive.  That game’s been goin’ on too long.  Plus if no one was eating it, it wouldn’t be getting exposure so, who’s the fool?

I don’t care if the current state is wack.  If it is, I missed it cuzz it’s definitely not what I’m paying attention to or playin’ in my earbuds.  Like I said earlier, those who know – know.  Now, I will say this in the defense of any style that may seem soft or wack, this generation didn’t grow up like us.  The hustle was a lot harder, gang bangin’ was the only option, there weren’t as many resources to get our street block activity out to the next City, State or Country.  You can hear it in the music (the words).  These days, there are!  There’s actually no excuse for any Independent Artist, so many resources are available.  But back to my point, didn’t we struggle, fight, kick and claw our way from that current state to one that we could enjoy and breathe a little easier?  Didn’t we do that so our younger brothers and nephews didn’t have to go through the same struggle?  Well here they are, and without the same drama we experienced, they can’t talk about that (like we did).  We had so much to voice our opinion about.  Things are easier these days.  So what should these Cats be talkin’ about?  If they talk about a fake hustle life, then that’s really contradicting this art and we wouldn’t want that; would we?  I think they’re still figuring it out for themselves or maybe they are just saying whatever sells.  Not my problem, they’re not taking my money.

Remember, Hip Hop is original.  When it started, it took millions by storm, scared many who couldn’t relate and seemed foreign to overseers.  Like anything else, once something is figured out…the masses see how they can benefit from a trend or movement.  That won’t change but you will.  Or will you?

I’ve said this before “I did not create Hip Hop but I am Hip Hop which means, if I stopped doing all that I do; Hip Hop would die.  Now think of that as a group or a collection of people.  We are Hip Hop.  We may not have created it but without us, it wouldn’t exist.”  We give it continuous life and shape it, different than how we received it and available for the next generation.  Don’t ever stop doing what you do in Hip Hop.  You’re an important piece to this moving puzzle.

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