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Vinyl or Laptop?

The debate continues with a lot of my (DJ) friends.  Most prefer vinyl and so do I.  There’s something about diggin’ through the crates and finding that record.  Then getting your pitch right and blending in the mix – NO SYNC BUTTON.  I think it’s a skill and shows the crowd that you can run the decks by ear and make it happen.

Now the reality is, we all do shows and tour so to drag all the crates around, would be a chore.  So my same DJ friends do use laptops, Serato, etc.  Contradictory?  Not really, cuzz you can tell which DJ’s got that talent.  And it makes sense to do what’s convenient in those situations.  Now when given a weapon of choice, wax is always selected.  So when there’s shows where DJ’s can setup and get in the groove, the crates are close by.  I think that’s when I notice DJ LOS, Innalect, Nocturnal fuck it up even more.  Funny thing is when folks think they can wreck shop, my Fam who’s competed in DJ Battles and have come in 2nd at the DMC Competition – tear it up right before their eyes.

#Turntablism – When DJ’s speak with their hands, a language understood: Worldwide.

What’s your thoughts, what do you prefer and what does your crew work with?  Let me know….

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