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The Chance You May Pass Up (again)

If you’re a songwriter or Emcee, think of the power you possess. For reals.  If you have a captive audience or fans that keep in touch with you and lend an ear (from time to time), you have a chance to say something.  Take time to critique what you’re talking about.  Of course we do music to entertain but, what about inspire, provoke or teach?

An artist or entertainer can be only that for so long (in my opinion).  You’re still human.  There are still things in this world that affect you, motivate you or make you take a stand on an issue.  At some point, you get to a stage where you don’t want to produce music of no substance that falls on deaf ears.  At some point, you’re going to get the pen and write about something that probably a lot of other people are thinking about too.  Something you give a damn about.

This can show you’re human and connect you more with the public or turn off (and maybe lose) some of the following you have.  It’s a thin line, have you ever thought about it?  Would you go down that road?  For me, the answer is given.  I think, I examine, I share and continuously learn.  And on top of that, never shy from engaging in topics that I know little about or teaching someone what I know.  So yeah, I’ll speak my mind and try to move a group of people.

I guess the point is, realize how powerful you can be.  The 60’s and 70’s are memorable, not just for the great music that was created but also from the reporting that was done by bands and musicians.  The songs are classic and catchy but they also had a message if you listen to the words.  The 80’s was exploring new sounds and making radio jingles so a lot was lost and so on and so on…..

Next time you start writing a song, imagine how far those words can reach when you cut the track and produce your record.  Don’t be scared to share what’s on your mind.  Yeah, we all know you’re hard, have a story and dislike certain things in pop culture but you’re also educated.  In some form or another.  And you have the power to share your experiences.

I call on all Emcees, freestylers, poets, and songwriters to show how creative you are by not just coming up with a catchy jingle but make a jingle that catches peoples attention and then makes them realize what they were singing.  Relevant subjects.

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Turn the Radio Off or Up??

So Hip Hop has this gripe with FM.  We say “Turn off the radio” but some still chase radio play.  And some Emcees get spins which helps propel their sales, shows and fan base.  Which makes the hesitant Emcees think, ‘Well, maybe some airplay wouldn’t be too bad.’

I think there’s more than one story here.  The first is the gripe Hip Hop Artists (including myself) have with radio, we know what real Hip Hop is and when radio plays that watered down bubble gum RAP (not Hip Hop) and classifies it as Underground Hip Hop; that’s our first problem.  Don’t claim to spin Street Hip Hop when it has some R&B singer doing the hook.  Real Hip Hop would be Guru, KRS, Chino, Quasimoto, Juice, Jada, The Roots, Jeru, Crooked I, etc etc.  And when was the last time you heard those Cats on the radio – 15 times a day?  Exactly.

Now, there are some Emcees who balance on both sides of Hip Hop and radio play – maintaining their credentials.  I’d say Jay-Z, Eminem, Biggie (R.I.P.), Common.

The next thing is recognizing that radio still is important (if not necessary) to help build your career and following.  How you get on radio and navigate through those waters, is another subject and discussion for another time.  A lot of politics with that but, we can talk about ‘how to’ get on radio.  I think a lot of Cats don’t look at every avenue, they’re only thinking of the one or two local stations they hear everyday.  There’s a lot more throughout the Country and the world.

Here’s some food for thought (and yes, this is digging into my bag of ‘resources’) – think about college radio, independent radio, online stations, blogs, website music reviews, THEN you can build your way up to the big FM stations.  The other thing to remember, even some college radio pays royalties so you’re still entitled to publishing from that.  And the stations that may not pay publishing, you’re still getting exposure which is one of many steps down this long road of the music industry.

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