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Verbal Currency

This music game keeps changing and I was curious how (and where) everyone gets their music.  Let me rephrase, where you BUY your music?  Is it iTunes, soundcloud, ReverbNation, bandcamp???

When I get checks from online distributors, I see my music was mostly bought on Rhapsody and iTunes.  Others come from Spotify, emusic, CD Baby and bandcamp.  But every bit of information helps.  After all, we (Artists) are trying to put music where you (the fans) are.

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Peace, Life & Muzik

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Acoustic Thoughts

This blog is for those who collaborated with me on this project.  I know it’s been quite a minute since it started.  I’ve kept in touch at times and fell off for a while (time wise, not musically.  Trust me, the bars are still there).  Anyway, we all got our own limits while navigating through this game.  Whether they be budget, time, resources, doing shows, whatever…you know the deal.

I’m back on track and in the studio weekly, working on new material and getting all the stuff that’s been on deck, available for fans to check out.  The Acoustic Thoughts CD is available on bandcamp.  You’ll notice it fell nothing short of high quality post production!  People are feelin’ the vibe.

Per the Artist Agreements we drafted, if the beat’s yours, it’s still yours.  I’ll only file copyrights and publishing for my vocals (only).  If the beat is mine and we have an agreement where you can still sell the final mastered version, go for it.  All I ask is that you file your vocals solo – without the beat or my lyrics.  This way we keep it 100 on both sides.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

If you have any plans to release the track as a single, let me know and I’ll help push it.  If you want to cut a video, let me know.  I’m down.  Like I said earlier, I’ve been in touch with good people and got some contacts if you want to put a visual to the audio.

Just wanted to say thanx again to all of you for contributing to my musical progress.  This is an ever changing art.  I also say thank you for your patience.  Whether you were waiting for the final product or figured the project died.

Last, I want to congratulate all of you for your accomplishments.  I see what’s going on with you and yours.  I’ve always supported local talent.  I don’t carry jealousy or hate, I admire the hustle and ambition that keeps you dropping new material.  Keep it movin’!

Keep in touch.  Peace, Life & Muzik

Scarred IV Life

PS.  Album artwork is being finalized, this CD cover will change!


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Let’s Get Personal

I notice many philosophical phrases and spiritual interpretations posted on social sites.  (And most of the time, it’s evident that they’re copy/pasted from some quote that someone found that day.  But I’m not judging….)  I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to post what I think (of life) many times but feel I’m not a professional on the subject.  Still, a person of human nature – none the less.  We all feel compelled to post our meaning of life or what have you.  Sometimes it’s to express the type of day we’re having…..good day, things are going bad, etc.

I’ll say this about me, I’m very personal.  Example:  A lot of my DJ and music friends know little about how I think and some of my personal / business friends don’t even know I do music.  Weird, I know….but I’m not the type to post every bit of information online.  You don’t see pics of my wife, my son, where I live, went to school, where I vacation or what I had for lunch.  That’s just not me.  Social sites for me, are for music, that’s it.  But if you want to know what I really think, I’m interested in your interest!

There are things I’ve experienced, associations / organizations I’m involved with and education classes which give me a lot of insight and illumination on life.  Not the type scholars would boast about, not a degree that’s attained after a study course but simply, life.  Your spiritual sense.

If you want to hear my two cents or get into a healthy discussion on what’s really going on in our world….let me know.  I’m always up for conversations which enlighten mankind.  You may not get what I believe or think and maybe I’ll spark thought in you that you hadn’t considered before but, in any case; we learn together.  We’re all part of one collective soul and bridging that, makes us ONE.

If I’m already going over your head, you’ve either lost interest already or want to know more.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Let me know your thoughts…


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Turn the Radio Off or Up??

So Hip Hop has this gripe with FM.  We say “Turn off the radio” but some still chase radio play.  And some Emcees get spins which helps propel their sales, shows and fan base.  Which makes the hesitant Emcees think, ‘Well, maybe some airplay wouldn’t be too bad.’

I think there’s more than one story here.  The first is the gripe Hip Hop Artists (including myself) have with radio, we know what real Hip Hop is and when radio plays that watered down bubble gum RAP (not Hip Hop) and classifies it as Underground Hip Hop; that’s our first problem.  Don’t claim to spin Street Hip Hop when it has some R&B singer doing the hook.  Real Hip Hop would be Guru, KRS, Chino, Quasimoto, Juice, Jada, The Roots, Jeru, Crooked I, etc etc.  And when was the last time you heard those Cats on the radio – 15 times a day?  Exactly.

Now, there are some Emcees who balance on both sides of Hip Hop and radio play – maintaining their credentials.  I’d say Jay-Z, Eminem, Biggie (R.I.P.), Common.

The next thing is recognizing that radio still is important (if not necessary) to help build your career and following.  How you get on radio and navigate through those waters, is another subject and discussion for another time.  A lot of politics with that but, we can talk about ‘how to’ get on radio.  I think a lot of Cats don’t look at every avenue, they’re only thinking of the one or two local stations they hear everyday.  There’s a lot more throughout the Country and the world.

Here’s some food for thought (and yes, this is digging into my bag of ‘resources’) – think about college radio, independent radio, online stations, blogs, website music reviews, THEN you can build your way up to the big FM stations.  The other thing to remember, even some college radio pays royalties so you’re still entitled to publishing from that.  And the stations that may not pay publishing, you’re still getting exposure which is one of many steps down this long road of the music industry.

OK, I’m done.  Now it’s your turn.  Post a comment below or leave a reply on facebook

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