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Ever Changing, Never the Same…
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Scarred IV Life — Ever Changing, Never the Same...
Release date : Dec. 10, 2010
Label : Taurus Entretainment, LLC
  1. Ever Changing, Never the Same... (intro)
  2. Boom Bap
  3. Debut
  4. Hip Hopcrisy
  5. Phone Tap
  6. Emcee [Explicit]
  7. Ever Presence
  8. Negative Zero (feat. Brawdcast)
  9. Life (prelude)
  10. Props To Pops - Life (interlude)
  11. Audiobiography (Undaground Attainment, part I)
  12. My Heart; Hip Hop
  13. Hour Glass
  14. Tapped Out (freestyle)
  15. Mindset


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Parental Advisory

This Album is a combination of Hip Hop roots and todays flavor.  This Album has something for your mind, body and soul.  Songs include an (audio)biography to Scarred IV Life, his background, struggles growing up and the world through his eyes.
From the urban styles of “Boom Bap” to the spiritual humanitarian vibe on “Ever Presence”, the whole Album speaks like a story, to the listener.  Guaranteed to spark thought and leave you thinking.  Bottom line, it had to be quality.
The songs were a collection and thought process of, “if this was the only CD Scarred IV Life ever dropped, he’d be happy knowing he said what he wanted to.”  Scarred IV Life opened up and gave us a more personal side, through music – Hip Hop.
Brawdcast Appears Courtesy of:  OC Records, Placentia, CA
Beats by:  Scarred IV Life
On the Decks:  Scarred IV Life
Post Production & Mastering:  Barry Wood c/o The Other Room, Capistrano Beach, CA
Album Artwork:  Peripheral Media
Executive Producer:  Scarred IV Life