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Prefix EP
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Scarred IV Life — Prefix EP
Release date : Oct. 17, 2007
Label : Taurus Entretainment, LLC
  1. Pacific Index
  2. With or Without
  3. Think, Breathe, Speak
  4. Point Blank
  5. Author 7002
  6. Money + Corruption = Power < Knowledge
  7. Reality Check


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Parental Advisory

After Scarred IV Life established his own Label, Prefix EP was his first release.  The gritty CD cover imitates the audio on this EP.  No bling, champagne poppin’ or bimbo’s.  It’s just true Hip Hop.  And what’s Hip Hop without a touch of Jazz, Scarred IV Life gives up styles from Beats N Breaks to a laid back tone – with flow to match.
When this EP was complete, there was plenty of talk about the War in Iraq and knee jerk reaction after September 11th.  Scarred IV Life’s not one to bite his tongue so he used his way with words to be a voice of the youth.  From criticism to our nation’s defense (or lack of) to the war we got engaged in, there’s plenty to debate for anyone with a valid opinion of their own.
Having a conscious approach is just one of many sides to this Emcee.  “Not everyday is a time for dropping the top and cruising.  Sometimes life’s good, painful, exciting or reality stares you down.  So I always put a blend of positive, reality and underground with each project.  I hope it fits your mood. – IV”
Beats by:  Scarred IV Life
On the Decks:  Scarred IV Life
Post Production & Mastering:  Barry Wood c/o The Other Room, Capistrano Beach, CA
Album Artwork:  Larry Chou
Executive Producer:  Scarred IV Life