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Verbal Currency

This music game keeps changing and I was curious how (and where) everyone gets their music.  Let me rephrase, where you BUY your music?  Is it iTunes, soundcloud, ReverbNation, bandcamp???

When I get checks from online distributors, I see my music was mostly bought on Rhapsody and iTunes.  Others come from Spotify, emusic, CD Baby and bandcamp.  But every bit of information helps.  After all, we (Artists) are trying to put music where you (the fans) are.

Post a comment on here or on social media.  Your feedback is always welcome!

Peace, Life & Muzik

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Your Last Music Purchase

So when was the last time you bought a song?  Either on iTunes or at a record store.

Here’s what I’m trying to figure out, what approach to have with fans or peeps at a gig.  Obviously this world has gone digital and the majority of the public buys their audio electronically.  So if you could buy someone’s music on CD (at a gig or venue), would you?  If not, what would be most convenient for you – digital download card or weblink?

I got ways to accommodate either request, just taking a poll to see how most purchases are made.  Post a comment below or leave a reply on facebook


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