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Let’s Get Personal

I notice many philosophical phrases and spiritual interpretations posted on social sites.  (And most of the time, it’s evident that they’re copy/pasted from some quote that someone found that day.  But I’m not judging….)  I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to post what I think (of life) many times but feel I’m not a professional on the subject.  Still, a person of human nature – none the less.  We all feel compelled to post our meaning of life or what have you.  Sometimes it’s to express the type of day we’re having…..good day, things are going bad, etc.

I’ll say this about me, I’m very personal.  Example:  A lot of my DJ and music friends know little about how I think and some of my personal / business friends don’t even know I do music.  Weird, I know….but I’m not the type to post every bit of information online.  You don’t see pics of my wife, my son, where I live, went to school, where I vacation or what I had for lunch.  That’s just not me.  Social sites for me, are for music, that’s it.  But if you want to know what I really think, I’m interested in your interest!

There are things I’ve experienced, associations / organizations I’m involved with and education classes which give me a lot of insight and illumination on life.  Not the type scholars would boast about, not a degree that’s attained after a study course but simply, life.  Your spiritual sense.

If you want to hear my two cents or get into a healthy discussion on what’s really going on in our world….let me know.  I’m always up for conversations which enlighten mankind.  You may not get what I believe or think and maybe I’ll spark thought in you that you hadn’t considered before but, in any case; we learn together.  We’re all part of one collective soul and bridging that, makes us ONE.

If I’m already going over your head, you’ve either lost interest already or want to know more.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Let me know your thoughts…


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